Upskilling: Investing in Quality Excavator Training

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The Benefits of an Excavator Training Course

Taking the time to upskill and achieve a excavator license or qualification gives any worker an advantage in their field. Heavy vehicle licensing and courses like an excavator training course not only increases the knowledge of those who complete them but it also can increase employment opportunities.

Operating heavy vehicles always comes with a risk therefore understanding just how the machine operates and the functions that it has is a way to make sure that your knowledge on a site will be a positive for a potential employer.

While some people are taught to operate machines on the job, having quality training with an accredited organisation and a license at the end to prove it not only avoids any issues of picking up bad habits of learning on the job but it also is proof that the person operating the vehicle has an understanding of exactly what they are doing.

When it comes to undertaking training for excavator operators, by attending a proper training course, operators will not only know the ins and outs of the vehicle they are operating, they will have also had hands-on experience under the watchful eye of professionals.

By having proof of further training, especially in excavator training, you will be able to be more confident in your own abilities, apply for work with proof that you are experienced and have an important understanding of any potential issues, whether it is machine malfunctions or safety.

If you are looking for an excavator training program in Sydney or Newcastle, or are a employer seeking out the most well-trained potential employees or looking for a place to send your employees for excavator training, then look no further than Aus Loadshifting.

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Investing in Employee Training

Any company that takes the time to invest in employee training shows that they are committed to their employees for the long haul.

There are some companies out there who do not like to invest in the training of their employees, either just training them minimally on the job or asking employees to receive training on their own time; this can be for various reasons.

While some companies may not wish to upskill or further train their workers in order to cut costs, others may feel like investing too much in their employee can be a detriment, with the company paying for the training and then other employers coming through and offering these now highly-skilled workers a higher rate.

While these may seem to be valid reasons on the surface, investing in the future of your employee can not only benefit your employee but your business as well.

 Aus Loadshifting understands the culture of the workplace, being a family business for the last twenty years therefore when it comes to excavator training and heavy license assessment, we can offer on-site training at your workplace.

Not only will your employees receive valuable upskilling, they will be in the comfort of their own workplace so you will be able to help build that loyalty and connection with your employee.

When it comes to training for excavators, having a high level of skill is important but understanding the safety guidelines and issues that comes with operating heavy machinery is vital to your workplace.

Having employees qualified, well-trained and operating in a safe manner will improve the quality of work that your company undertakes while making sure that the team is adhering to Workplace, Health & Safety (WH&S) guidelines. Investing in excavator training for your staff is a smart move for any workplace. 

Why Aus Loadshifting?

There are many training organisations out there so what separates Aus Loadshifting from the rest when it comes to excavator training in Sydney?

As mentioned above, Aus Loadshifting is a family business established in 2000 and we have been a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) since 2009.

This means not only are you getting twenty years of practical experience but eleven years of being compliant with what it means to be a Registered Training Organisation.

We also comply with all SafeWork NSW and the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) standards and policies. The key to the excavator training offered by Aus Loadshifting is our attention to our students.

Offering small class sizes, along with tailor-made learning plans, our trainers understand that the more attention given to a student means that there is more chance the student will not only be able to learn faster but any issues or holes in understanding are able to be addressed.

This also gives those who undertake excavator training more time with the machines, and practical experience is the key to being able to not only understand what you are doing but giving you the confidence to go forth and do it. 

Aus Loadshifting also understands that people have many different needs, and this includes availability, therefore by offering flexible operating hours as well as flexible learning plans means that people are able to complete the training at their own pace.

If employers allow as well, training is able to be facilitated by Aus Loadshifting at your company’s worksite providing an opportunity for the group to be made up of employees at that company; this makes it more accessible and personalised to the equipment that they will be using.

Not just offering excavator training courses, Aus Loadshifting also offer a range of other heavy vehicle training courses including assessment for Heavy vehicles, Training and assessment for Earthmoving equipment and High Risk work tickets for Forklift trucks and Elevated Work Platforms (EWP).

With Aus Loadshifting, you are not just receiving a notch in the belt in relation to upskilling and education on a piece of paper, rather you will walk away with an enriched understanding of your job and more confidence to operate the machinery on your worksite.

Great education and training is never a wasted dollar thus good quality excavator training through a company like Aus Loadshifting is never a wasted investment.

Driving Training Services:

    1. Truck Licence
    2. Excavator Licence and Training
    3. Skid Steer Training
    4. Backhoe Training
    5. Forklift Training

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