The Benefits of EWP Training to Obtain Your License

An elevated working platform (EWP) license is an advantageous level of certification that you can receive after taking EWP training. For those who work onsite, hard to reach areas that cannot be accessed with a standard ladder require an Elevated Work Platform which can reach over 11 meters.

These handy platforms require a license, and if you happen to be the only candidate with an EWP license when applying for new roles, your chances of securing the job will increase.

If you are considering an EWP license, Aus LoadShifting, who offers the courses necessary for an EWP accreditation, has compiled all you need to know about EWP training below, along with the benefits of having a license to help make your decision.

The benefits of an EWP license

1. Be more employable and have access to more jobs

There are many roles that require work on elevated platforms, and an EWP license means you can apply, and be seriously considered for a range of tasks with organisations like electrical companies through to window cleaners, construction sites, and many more.

2. Apply for a promotion

You may be currently employed in a construction-related field and looking to achieve an internal promotion. An EWP license exposes you to more roles and responsibilities, which may be very enticing to your employer.

3. Makes things easier if looking to run your own business

If you are looking to head out on your own, an EWP license allows you to perform tasks at heights by yourself. This versatility can also be helpful in attracting new clients as you can offer more services.

4. Increased knowledge base for management

Managers and supervisors who undergo EWP training will be better equipped to understand the tasks required of workers who use elevated work platforms.

This not only makes it easier to supervise but can help to instruct and ensure proper safety equipment is used and risks are minimised.

5. Increase your own safety

There can be hazards associated with EWPs when working from such a height. While generally quite safe due to their in-built safety features and emergency plans, EWPs and any other machinery can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them.

EWP training ensures that you understand how to operate the machinery safely.

EWP Training Sydney

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Understanding the Elevated Work Platform

Also known as an aerial work platform, aerial device, or mobile elevating work platform, these mechanical devices are widely used to provide temporary access to otherwise inaccessible areas of height.

There are several types of mechanised access elevated work platform machines, as well as individual models such as scissor lifts and cherry pickers. These are all often used for flexible and temporary access for works including:

  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Firefighters (for emergency access)
  • Lifting weights on the worksite (as most machines can lift more than a ton)

Different from cranes, EWPs can be set up and operated by one person and have specialist equipment that can carry frames.

List of Elevated Work Platform types:

  • Aerial devices
  • Scissor lifts
  • Hotel lifts
  • Boom lifts
  • Mast Climbers
  • Platforms powered by pneumatics
  • Platforms powered by hydraulics

Why is EWP training crucial?

EWPs are beneficial new machines that feature a range of technology and safety equipment. They lower the risk in otherwise high-risk environments and negate the need for climbing gear, scaffolding, and harnesses.

Along with safely reaching hard to get to places, you can also lift payloads with minimal workforce required. These machines, which are built for single-user operation, can handle difficult terrain thanks to their powerful engine and hydraulic options.

EWP training is vital to be able to operate the lift equipment, as the law dictates that any operator must be professionally trained to ensure they are aware of any potential problems.

This training not only ensures safety but also means the equipment will not be damaged. Operators who are confident and trained on the machine will complete any task faster as the receiving of a license means they will be able to follow and understand clear instructions and procedures.

EWP training provides a hands-on experience with an instructor that will give potential operators an in-depth look into the necessary knowledge to avoid damaging the equipment.

The training also focuses on all relevant safety guidelines and potential issues via specific scenarios of unexpected real-life incidents to show the correct responses in a potentially dangerous situation.

All businesses will feel more secure knowing their EWP operators are aware of the risks and potential problems with heavy duty machinery to prevent accidents and serious injury.

The most common hazard in the operation of these machines is a tip-over or operators falling from the platforms at a significant height. Proper training keeps these to an absolute minimum for maximum workplace safety.

Considering EWP training to obtain your license?

AusloadShifting offers nationally accredited Elevated Work Platform training for everyone, from beginners to experienced operators. We will ensure that you understand how to safely operate an EWP while increasing your employability.

Our courses deliver both theory and practical skills to satisfy all legal requirements of operating an EWP, providing complete training and assessment.

Upon completion, you will gain a license to operate an Elevating Work Platform with a length of 11 meters or more within Australia.

Our trainers will cover current legislation and requirements, risk management, routine checks, operation of the machinery and fall protection equipment, and more.

Speak to Aus LoadShifting today about EWP Trai  ning, we run small classes with significant machine time and offer flexible training plans to suit your schedule.

We also provide the option of using our machines and facilities, or the ability to train onsite with you for a truly personal experience.

We are accessible to all potential students in Western Sydney and surrounds and have been a registered training organisation since 2009. Speak to us today about increasing your skill sets!

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