Heavy Vehicle

The primary way to obtain a heavy vehicle licence is to complete Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) with a Registered Training Organisation. In areas where HVCBA is not available, you can take a heavy vehicle driving test with a Roads and Maritime testing officer.

AusLoadshifting works in conjunction with ForknTrucks driving school to provide Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessments (HVCBA). Our services include a range of Heavy Vehicle licences and at the conclusion of your course and assessment you will be eligible to receive a Heavy Vehicle licence issued by RMS, provided you received a competent result.

Our Assessors have been accredited through the RMS HVCBA scheme. They also hold a certificate IV in Training and assessment. They are friendly and patient and throughout their careers have had years of experience in training and assessment as well as many years of industry experience.

We own our own vehicles, they are all fully insured and are fitted with in cabin cameras as per NSW state requirements. We own a range of vehicles including trucks with automatic and synchromesh gearboxes. Please note that the gearbox you conduct your assessment in will be a condition added to your licence.

Before you can complete a heavy vehicle course with our company you must have completed the required knowledge test with the RMS and have received your log book. The minimum required hours of driving in the trucks before an assessment can be conducted ranges between 5-6 hours and the assessment takes approximately 1 hour so it is possible to complete a course in 1 day. The driving assessment will not take place unless you and your trainer are confident in your abilities.