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Have you heard that Australia is quickly running short of truck drivers? The decline is expected to continue into the next decade. It is projected that between 2010 and 2030 truck freight will have doubled. So this piece of article will encourage you to get a truck licence in Sydney, NSW.

Age is one of the biggest factors affecting the availability of truck drivers today. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Data, almost half of the drivers will be in retirement by 2026.

This means that as more truck drivers reach retirement age, trucking will be a viable niche for sustainable employment now and in the future.

Truck Driver Licence and Employment Opportunity

So, if you are interested in upskilling and taking control of your career path, why don’t we take a look at the reasons why you should secure your truck licence in Sydney,NSW and become a truck driver?

Attractive pay rates for truck driver with truck licence

Like with any job, your pay rate will depend on your experience. In the trucking business it also depends on your truck licence and employer.

Salaries for entry-level truck drivers in Sydney generally start at approximately $29 per hour and reach the average of $35 per hour once you have some experience and perhaps further training.

Senior truck drivers can earn even more – up to $45 per hour. So, a trucker’s pay rate can be very attractive especially when you factor in night shifts.

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Flexible working hour for truck drivers

One of the great benefits of being a truck driver in NSW is the flexible working hours. Truck drivers can start early in the morning or late in the day.

Some Sydney companies accommodate flexible working schedules so long as the driver does not compromise their work. Flexible driving hours makes for a better work-life balance than any nine to five job with the same financial security.

Consistent pay and job security for truck driver

With the decline in truck drivers, the NSW transport industry is thriving. No shortage of jobs in 2020, many driving contracts offer tenures of two to six years, which means steady and consistent work.

Truck driving schools for truck licence

Aus Loadshifting truck driving school in Sydney has courses that can be completed in a minimum of five to six hours for the different classes and gearboxes, providing you are a competent driver. In other words, you can start your trucking career in no time at all.

Beautiful scenery

Another great perk of being a truck driver is that you have the chance to see Sydney’s beauty and nature, while breathing in the fresh air you won’t get working in any office.

Always a story to tell

When you are behind the wheel of a truck you have a unique position. Truck drivers see it all and always have an interesting story to tell their spouses and kids.

Now that you know why it is so great becoming a truck driver, let’s have a look at the types of licences you can hold. The difference in licence applies to the carrying capacity and axle numbers.

Light Rigid (LR)

The GVM (gross vehicle motor) is no greater than eight tonnes. A towing trailer must not weigh more than nine tonnes. Examples are small buses or trucks.

Medium Rigid (MR)

A Medium Rigid licence allows you to drive any GVM but limits you to two axle trucks and trailers of no more than nine tonnes. Examples are medium rigid trucks and buses.

Heavy Rigid (HR)

A Heavy Rigid licence allows you to drive an unlimited vehicle GVM with no axle limitation, but the trailer is still limited to nine tonnes. This includes heavy rigid trucks and articulated buses.

Heavy Combination

The only limitation on this licence is the number of trailers you can tow. Your maximum is one.

Multi Combination

This licence entitles you to unrestricted operation of road registered heavy vehicles and includes B-doubles, prime movers, the low load dolly and low loader trailer combinations, as well as road trains.

You have seen what kind of licences you can hold if you are a driver. What types of jobs can you get?

Types of truck driving jobs

These are the types of jobs a course from a truck driving school in Sydney can lead to:

      •  Truck driver
      •   Delivery driver
      •   Removalist
      •   Labourer
      •   Street sweeper
      •   Long haul driver
      •   Tow truck driver
      •   Multi-drop MR licence driver

Preparation and requirements

To drive most commercial trucks in Australia you will need a Light Rigid Driver’s licence or higher. You must hold at least a P2 licence if you want to obtain an LR, MR or HR licence.

In the instance of securing your HR licence you must hold your P2 licence for at least two years. Moving up to an HC licence requires you to hold your MR or HR licence for at least one year. 

In hindsight, it will take at least four years to go from no licence to a Heavy Combination licence.

Applying and testing

Licensing is administered at state level and undertaken in person. All states require the passing of a theory knowledge test, Roads and Maritime driving test, eye test and the HVCBA (Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment).

When you sign up with Aus Loadshifting, expert trainers will train you, while an external assessor will assess you in Sydney.

Why choose Aus Loadshifting for your truck driver school?

Not only can Aus Loadshifting help you become a Heavy Vehicle or Truck licence graduate in one day, our truck driving school in Sydney is fully insured, RMS accredited and specialised in truck driving tuition. Here is why our school is a cut above the rest.

      •  Aus Loadshifting is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
      •  With years of experience in education and training, trainers hold a certificate IV in training and assessment and are WorkCover accredited.
      •  Small classes and increased truck time
      •  Flexible training schedules to suit your needs
      • You can either use our trucks and facilities or we can work onsite with you
      • Flexible operating hours
      • Personal experience tailored to you
      •  Operates in Western Sydney and surrounds

Want to become a truck driver? Then Secure your truck driver licence

Now you really want to become a truck driver? Look no further than Aus Loadshifting for your truck licence training in Sydney,NSW and make yourself the ultimate prospect when it comes to truck driver employment opportunities.

 Improve your resume with the skills that are in high demand in one of Sydney’s largest industries.

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    2. Excavator Licence and Training
    3. Skid Steer Training
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