How To Get Your Forklift Licence The First Time

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How To Get Your Forklift Licence in Sydney?

Are you looking to apply for a forklift licence in Sydney, but not sure how to get started? You’ve come to the right place for forklift training in Sydney. 

Do you wish to operate a forklift as part of your job? If so, you’ll need to complete a training course. This includes passing a practical and theory assessment.

The specific course is called TLILIC2001 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck. You will receive an LF licence once you successfully pass it.

An LF forklift licence is required if you wish to operate a counterbalance forklift. Or a side loading forklift, reach truck, all-terrain, and truck-mounted forklift.

This course does not give you the relevant qualification to operate an order picking forklift truck. It requires a separate LO Licence.

Please Note: It is illegal to operate a forklift if you do not have the proper licence. 

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Forklift Licence Requirements

In Australia, there are certain requirements which you must first meet. Let’s take a look at what they are, and how you can apply:


You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a forklift licence at the time of the assessment. 


To apply for a licence, you need to prove your residency and submit valid ID with your current address. 

If you are not a resident, then you are also required to submit documentation from an employer. This must confirm you are contracted as an employee. It can be either a letter from your employer or your contract of employment.

English Comprehension

It’s also necessary that you have basic verbal and written English skills. This is due to the training course being taught in English. It’s crucial that trainees understand the instructions and training.

It’s also essential to be able to communicate in English while performing forklift tasks at work. This is to be able to understand a manager’s instructions and also communicate with co-workers.

Proof Of Identity

To apply for a forklift licence, you need to provide 100 points of proof of identity first. You can find accepted forms of ID which can be accepted and more information on the SafeWork NSW website here.

As long as you meet the above conditions, there are no pre-requisites required to study the course.

Where To Get Forklift Training in Sydney

When looking for forklift training in Sydney, it’s important to find the right RTO (Registered Training Organisation). They should offer a quality course and training by professional and experienced instructors. The RTO should also provide testing for licenses. 

Aus Loadshifting is a family business which was established in 2000. It expanded to become an RTO in 2009 and has helped thousands of students get their forklift licence.

Course educators can deliver training throughout Sydney’s Western Suburbs. As well as the CBD, Inner West, North Shore, and Central West New South Wales. If you need training and assessment at another location, it’s possible by negotiation.

All trainers have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. They also have many years of experience in both the Earth Moving and teaching industries and are SafeWork NSW accredited. This enables them to deliver the highest quality of training possible.

Each forklift training Sydney course has both practical training and theory components. It can be broken down into the following:

– Classroom theory training

– Practical training operating a forklift

– An assessment which covers both knowledge and practical skills

The course length varies depending on the skill level of each person. The average time it takes to complete the course is two days.

During the practical training, there is a range of forklifts which may be used. These include reach forklifts, rough terrain forklifts, and counterbalanced forklifts. As well as internal combustion petrol, diesel, gas and/or electric forklifts.

Let’s take a look at what each component covers.

Forklift Training in Sydney Course Information

The course content is taught as theory in the classroom. As well as practical training while operating a forklift. It covers:

Course Content

  • General operations
  • Hazard prevention and control measures
  • Machine shut down
  • Pre-operational checks
  • Procedures
  • Post-start operational checks
  • Unplanned and/or unsafe situations


There are two different parts to the assessment.

Knowledge assessment
This includes a written/oral exam. There are both multiple choice and short answer questions. The test may vary in length. It has critical questions which you must answer correctly to pass the knowledge assessment.

Performance assessment: This is the practical component of the assessment. It is a driving test. It includes general machine operations, pre-operation checks, and post-operation checks.

Choosing The Right RTO

Before you enrol at an RTO, you should always verify that the course and RTO are legitimate. This lets you know that your qualification will be recognised once you have completed it. You can check Aus Loadshifting’s status on the website

What To Do After Completing The Course

If you pass all the assessment requirements of the course, you will be issued with a Notice of Satisfactory Assessment (NSA).

You must then lodge the NSA, along with your completed application, and a fee with Australia Post. To qualify to receive your ticket, this must be done within 60 days of the assessment. 

If you are not successful, you will receive an assessment summary (AS) which is valid for 90 days. You’re not legally able to operate a Forklift with an AS. But, you can attempt a reassessment within the 90 days.

You will only need to re-attempt the components which were deemed not yet competent. If you wait longer than 90 days for a reassessment, you will be required to complete all components again.

Aus Loadshifting works closely with students. We provide expert supervision to support and encourage a competent result and an NSA. 

Aus LoadShifting Forklift Training in Sydney

There are many advantages of doing your forklift training Sydney with Aus Loadshifting. They include:

– Small class sizes which give extra machine time compared to other RTOs

– Flexible training plans to fit in with your schedule and needs

– Having the training conducted using our facilities and forklifts. Or coming onsite at your workplace and using your equipment

Ready to book your TLILIC2001 Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck today? Call Aus Loadshifting on 0416 15 5052, or contact us online.

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